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3. Tax Rate

In Europe, the VAT (Value Added Tax) rate is overwhelmingly higher than the Japanese consumption tax. Below is the tax rate as of December 2017.

Country VAT Name Standard Tax Rate
Austria MWST 20%
Belgium TVA or BTW 19%
Croatia PDV 25%
Denmark MOMS 25%
Finland ALV 24%
France TVA 20%
Germany MWST 19%
Iceland VAT 24%
Ireland VAT 23%
Liechtenstein MWST 8%
Luxembourg BTW 17%
Malta VAT 18%
Monaco TVA 20%
Netherlands BTW 19%
Norway VAT 25%
Slovenia DDV 22%
Spain IVA 21%
Sweden MOMS 25%
Swiss MWST or TVA 8%
UK VAT 20%
Czech Republic DPH 21%
Greece FP`H 24%
Hungary AFA 27%
Italy IVA 22%
Portugal IVA 23%

(As of December 7, 2017)

The above is the standard tax rate, and depending on the item such as food etc., the tax rate will be lower if it becomes an applicable item of reduced tax rate










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