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If Japanese companies are found to be conducting taxable activities under the VAT Act during economic activities in Europe, even for Japanese companies which are non EU companies, you must VAT register (VAT registration) on site and you must make a tax declaration. We confirm not only VAT registration and VAT declaration, but also whether these taxable relationships are possible, we even propose workaround measures. Please use our VAT registration service.


Tax Scheme Analysis

It may be necessary to acquire a tax number (eg VAT number, etc.) for a company that provides goods or services in Europe or a company that imports and exports locally. We analyse your business scheme from a tax point of view. As a result, according to your needs, we will establish a tax scheme to select a tax number acquisition country or not to acquire a tax number.

VAT Registration・Tax Return

It is necessary to obtain VAT number for companies that provide goods or provide services in Europe and companies that import and export locally. In addition to VAT registration in all 28 EU countries, we support EORI number registration necessary for local import / export.

In addition to this, regular tax returns (VAT declarations) and statistical declarations are also available.

Sales Tax and GST

Sales tax in the United States, indirect tax on site, in Australia it is called GST. We support tax registration and tax return not only in the EU but also around the world.

VAT Registration is the European Business Passport

Acquisition of a VAT number will be the business passport in Europe. When selling goods and services in Europe, you will need a local VAT number. In addition, it is often enough to acquire a VAT number in one country. In other words, acquiring these numbers will be your passport for your European business.

To Strengthen Compliance

When doing business in Europe, a VAT number is required. By acquiring these numbers and conducting business, you can inform the confidence and compliance enhancement both inside and outside.

What is VAT Registration?

All taxable persons are obligated to register (VAT registration) as taxpayers in the tax offices of the Member States when starting economic activities as a taxable business within the EU.

VAT registration is a system not only in Japanese consumption tax, but businesses that do economic activities in Europe must be compliant too. Although the VAT number varies from 5 to 12 digits for each member country, by confirming the VAT number, it is possible to know in which member country the holder holding the VAT number has registered.

  • As an example, it will be numbers such as ATU 12345678 in Austria, DK 12345678 in Denmark, LU 12345678 in Luxembourg. These countries and VAT numbers such as British (GB) and German (DE) are required for trading across countries.

Examples Requiring VAT Registration

There are many cases that require VAT registration, but I will introduce representative cases among them.

  • Goods sale
  • For example, when selling goods in Europe.
  • Service provision
  • Provision of services considered to be taxable activities.
  • Digital service provision
  • Application sales (for charge) for the EU region and e-book sales etc.
  • Sales of goods on the EC site, etc. (with various conditions)
  • Please see the videos of examples of EC site sale below.

Pre-tax analysis relationship analysis for VAT registration

Analyse your economic activities from various perspectives and ultimately confirm the necessity of your VAT registration. Even if your company does not have branches, offices and other bases in the EU, if there is a permanent establishment under the VAT law, there is a need to register VAT at the site. Conversely, even if you have already registered VAT in the past, there are also cases where it is no longer necessary.

  • The VAT package is a change in which the taxable site was changed on the provision of services. The biggest change is the change of the taxable place of providing services for B2B business. Prior to December 31, 2009, the provision of the service was "a place where the service provider carries out the business", but since 1 January 2010, the "location of the beneficiary" became the taxable land.

    For details, please see (About VAT package).

Judgment of taxable land includes various judgment factors and it is very complicated. Even VAT experts may be able to make judgments. We have tied up with VAT experts and tax accountant corporations around the world and judged based on the latest case at the local site and the tax law as standards, we are conducting tax analysis with high accuracy and objectivity.


タックス・プランニング - オプティ株式会社

VAT Optimisation of registered country

In case of asking a company who is not familiar with VAT to register for VAT, or asking for VAT registration to be done using an accounting office of a certain country, it may be unnecessary to select VAT registered country or optimise distribution as there are many. On the contrary, when requesting a major accounting firm to optimise the VAT registration site, there are cases in which a very high payment is requested or it takes time only to deal with it as soon as possible.

In our company, consultants dealing with various VAT projects in Japan and abroad for over 10 years have responded, we are confident in our proposal capabilities and global response, and have been useful for companies that were not satisfied with these companies.

  • Proposal force
    • Is there not a case where there are registered countries where VAT registration can be completed in one country?
    • We will propose a scheme that can reduce costs and troubles according to your situation.
    • Even companies that are using other companies will also diagnose the current scheme at our company and make judgments about schemes and compile opinions.
  • Global compliance
    • There are affiliated offices in 28 countries in Europe and it is possible to make proposals that know the local circumstances of these countries.
    • It is possible to conduct global tax consulting, not just judgment of one country.
    • It is possible to respond using IT by collaboration of tax engines to SAP and Oracle etc.

At our company, we will support your European business by VAT registration. Please let us diagnose your tax relationship. At our company, members responding to the correspondence and consulting of articles on the European Value Added Tax on the website of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) are directly inquiring about customer's troubles and problems.

Formulation of European logistics strategy

The VAT registration may be like a "passing point in one-time dealings" from a client company. However, if you are considering a long-term business in Europe for more than a year, even if it is a relatively small transaction such as selling goods on the EC site, VAT registration country, contract details, logistics conditions. It is also a great measure for improving your logistics and commercial flow to properly select the first. In particular, in the case of business flow in the manufacturing industry, even in the case of business of more than 100 million yen in monthly amount.

  • For example, you can enjoy the benefits of a tax refund by using a European VAT number, or you can optimise various taxes using the deposit stock, VAT warehouse, reverse charge etc. system. In addition, if you step down to rebuilding shared services etc. that bundle billing business etc. of each local corporation, it is possible to respond more effectively to VAT measures.

As well as optimising the tax side, you can also reflect it on your system aspect (ERP system). In addition, by introducing a tax engine, it is also possible to automatically calculate the optimal tax amount. (It is also possible to correspond with your company's system personnel and system company for customising the actual ERP system.)

In this way, our company considers various aspects such as logistics, commercial flow, taxation, etc., advises you the optimal registered country, strongly supports your business in Europe, measures to expand sales within the European region. We will respond not only to the tax side but also to analysis and strategy side.

Advice on transport arrangements

Under the European VAT law, it is very important who "arranges" and "what kind of condition" transportation are made. At our company, after confirming details of your transactions assumed by you, we advise you on whether VAT registration is possible or not. We will tell you honestly if VAT registration is necessary and even if VAT registration is necessary we will propose the optimal VAT registration by country. Also, we will advise on the activities of your company, such as Incoterms used in international logistics contracts. Even if one condition of Incoterms and logistics arrangements is taken, attention is necessary because VAT registry country will change.

  • Representative Incoterms

  • E group (shipping conditions): Example)

  • EXW (shipping condition: factory delivery)

  • F group (main transportation cost buyer burden condition):

  • Example) FOB (FOB FOB: Ship), FCA (Carrier delivery: Land, sea and sky)

  • C group (main transportation expenses):

  • Example) CFR (ship), CIF (ship), CPT (land and sea air), CIP (land and sea air)

  • D group (arrival conditions):

  • Example) DDU (land and sea air, customs duties are borne by importers), DDP (land and sea air: tariff is borne by exporter)

  • There are impacts such as the presence or absence of VAT registration change with the use of Incoterms and VAT warehouse · consignment stock system etc. Before the actual start of European business it is necessary to properly investigate taxation relations.


欧州における輸入コストの削減 - オプティ株式会社

Preparing necessary documents for VAT registration

If you need to register VAT, after signing a business consignment agreement, you will receive the necessary documents for VAT registration and apply to the tax office of the relevant country. Regarding the necessary documents, their requirements vary depending on the country, but as an example, you need a letter of attorney from us to your company, such as a resident certificate issued by the Japanese competent tax office, a commercial registration register, etc. We check the necessary documents received from your company and investigate whether there is any mistakes, depending on the country you register, you need to translate the documents and we also will correspond with these translations. (When we translate at our company, a separate fee will be charged.)

Tax representative designation

Depending on the registered country of VAT registration, it may be necessary to set up a local tax agent. We use a network of major accounting firms to build various networks throughout Europe and even if you need a local tax agent it is possible to deal with all 28 EU countries. Regarding these affiliated companies, we have become accounting offices that we checked from various viewpoints of our own unique company, and we can respond to services similar to major accounting firms at a cheap rate


Application example of tax agent system

We have a local company in the Netherlands and it is possible to utilise them as a tax agent. Therefore, by using the VAT number of the tax agent (Company Netherlands corporation) within the European region, it is possible to exempt the import VAT. If you are considering supplying goods within the European region, please use our limited tax agent system.


Please contact us directly for the cost of VAT registration and VAT declaration.

We will quote you after asking for your business flow. If there is a point where the amount changes depending on the target country or scheme, when optimisation of tax cost at multiple bases in multiple countries is necessary, we will offer a separate consulting fee and required number of hours in advance.

In addition, please use the inquiry form to manage inquiries.

VAT Registration Advantages

"VAT registration", that is, the merit of your company by acquiring the value added tax number is "expansion of business opportunities in Europe".

If you have a VAT number (value-added tax number) when you are considering trading within the European region, there are various merits. For example, if you acquire a VAT number in one country, you can use the VAT number when purchasing from a supplier in a country in Europe and selling it to a dealer in another country by special simplification provision.

Also, if you want to sell goods and data to end consumers in Europe, you will need a VAT number. We will acquire your VAT number in all 28 countries of Europe. Please contact us if you are considering business in Europe.



VAT Registration Status of Each EU Member State

United Kingdom

In the UK, VAT registration is necessary in all cases.


The standard tax rate of German VAT is 19%. Also, VAT registration is necessary in all cases. It is characterised by taking time to register VAT.


The Greek standard rate is 23%. Although the VAT number itself can be acquired in a relatively short period of time, it is necessary to prepare many documents.


Case 1: Cross-border EC sales case

We planned to sell goods to the EU region using For this reason, VAT registration was necessary, and we used Opti. Various necessary documents were needed for the VAT registration, but I was able to complete the VAT registration by carefully being taught it. Currently we are also asking for VAT registration not only in the UK but also in France.

(Client A company like: EC sales business)


Case 2: Manufacturing case

We purchase goods from German companies, sell them to Japanese trading companies, and ultimately deliver them to our factory located in Poland. In this case, I heard that registration of VAT in Europe was essential, we decided to inquire Opti. When we actually analysed our scheme, we found that VAT registry countries can also select various countries. For our company, we selected countries that are easiest to manage and made VAT registration. Today, we also issue monthly tax returns through Opti.

(Client B Company: Manufacturing Industry)

Voice of the user of our VAT registration service


Regarding VAT registration, I heard that it is necessary for a meeting with a European company. So, when doing VAT registration, I asked several companies. At that time, it was Opti who gave the best explanation, and cheapest in terms of cost.

In Opti, there are many achievements concerning VAT registration, and the point which I do not understand was cleared each time. As a result, I was able to acquire the VAT number in a short time without any problems. Also, after VAT registration, we also asked for periodic tax returns. Now that the European project has ended, I have deleted the VAT number, but I also want to ask Opti to reacquire the VAT number.

East Tomoe Industry Co., Ltd.

Please contact OPTI