VAT/JCT/Sales Tax Registration and Returns for Amazon/eBay/Rakuten

When selling goods on Amazon in Europe, you will be asked to enter your local tax number VAT number. Even if it is a Japanese company, you can not escape it. Many EU countries, especially the UK, are more strict with handling VAT registration at the time of sale by non-EU companies on the European Amazon. Opti always checks the latest tax and legal information on the site and supports compliance-based response.


EORI Registration Number

Economic Operator Registration & Identification Number (EORI Number)is a number required for importing to the European Union member countries or exporting from the European Union member countries. The EORI number specifies the company holding the EORI number and it is used for shipping at EU clearance. Importing and exporting of goods will be stopped in many cases if there is no EORI number.

The EORI number is mandatory when selling goods using the local warehouse at the European market place. Our company supports the registration of EORI number, boasting many achievements.

FBA Fulfilment service

Amazon and eBay etc. provide a service called Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). This is because your property is kept in the warehouse of these marketplaces and when these items are sold on the marketplace, the marketplace will do the packaging and shipping work on behalf of your company.

In such a case, you may need to register the local tax and declare it. We support all cases from simple FBA cases to more complicated cases. Please do not hesitate to contact us

Automatic return from Amazon transaction data

We handle a lot of VAT registration and VAT declaration on For this reason, it is possible to make a declaration in accordance with the actual situation of Europe Amazon, not mere tax consulting.

One of them is the automatic declaration from Amazon transaction data. We will perform different taxation processing automatically for each destination and buyer from customer's transaction data.

European Amazon

When selling on European Amazon, we will initially attack from Amazon UK, but there are many companies / individuals who will subsequently enter and Recently, there are an increasing number of companies / individuals who simultaneously set up multiple Amazons and simultaneously sell on multiple Amazons.

Our company supports tax registration and tax return declaration on multiple Amazon`s, it can be tackled using one stop.

Consultation on Price Strategy

When selling goods in Europe, we must consider prices, taxes, and profits. In particular, regarding sales at the market place such as Amazon and eBay, in addition to direct selling from Japan, when using a local warehouse and using multiple local warehouses, there are various cases, such as export handling by logistics companies It is from.

We also support pricing strategies to support overseas promotion of clients.

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We Support Japanese Consumption Tax Registrations / Returns
If you sell goods in Amazon Europe or Amazon Japan using FBA warehouses, you will be required to register your company's VAT ID and Japanese Consumption Tax. We can support Registrations of VAT number, Japanese Consumption Tax Number, and US Sales Tax Number.
For further questions, please contact us.

European VAT

If you company is located in Europe, you will have threshold. If below threshold, you don't need to register in such member states.

However, if you are non EU company, you should register in the country of your Amazon FBA warehouse.

Country Threshold for EU company
   Austria 35,000Euro
   Belgium 35,000Euro
   Bulgaria BGN 70,000
   Croatia HRK 270,000
   Cyprus 35,000Euro
   Czech Republic CQK 1,140,000
   Denmark DKK 280,000
   Estonia 35,000Euro 
   Finland 35,000Euro 
   France 35,000Euro
   Germany 100,000Euro
   Greece 35,000Euro
   Hungary 35,000Euro
   Ireland  35,000Euro 
   Italy 35,000Euro
   Latvia 35,000Euro
   Lithuania 35,000Euro
   Luxembourg 100,000Euro
   Malta 35,000Euro
   Netherlands 100,000Euro
   Poland PLN 160,000
   Portugal 35,000Euro
   Romania RON 118,000
   Slovakia 35,000Euro
   Slovenia 35,000Euro
   Spain 35,000Euro
   Sweden SEK 320,000
   United Kingdom GBP 70,000


Japanese Consumption Tax

If you sell goods in Japan, and if you reach to 10M JPY annually, you will be required to file Japanese Consumption Tax.

In addition, if you need to deduct your import JCT in Japan, you should register JCT in Japan. 


Sell in Amazon/eBay/Rakuten compliantly


Selling goods in Amazon or eBay or Rakuten can make you entrepreneur of global business. However, global business needs global tax knowledge and compliance.

We OPTI will support your VAT, JCT, Sales Tax Registration, and try to support your company in tax field.

Contact us if any inquiry on VAT and JCT registration / returns


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