Tax planning (tax analysis and opinion writing)

When doing business globally, we need to confirm how to pay tax in advance. For that purpose, it is necessary to preliminarily investigate commercial flow and logistics based on the contract, and to do taxation based on compliance based on the local tax law. At Opti, using our experience, we conduct preliminary tax analysis, prepare an opinion letter and make optimum tax planning. Please contact us first.   


Your business analysis

A tax number (eg VAT number in the EU, US sales tax license etc in the EU etc.) is required for a company that provides goods or services in Europe or a company that imports and exports locally. We analyse your business scheme from a tax point of view. As a result, according to your needs, we will select a method to select a tax number acquisition area and not to acquire a tax number.

Tax strategy planning and documentation

After analysing your business, we will formulate an appropriate tax strategy tailored to your needs. For example, reducing the tax cost as much as possible, or want to simplify management on taxation, or to link my ERP system with a tax engine. After fully understanding your business overview, we will formulate these strategies and formulate them as documents. In addition, we support systematisation.


Tax strategy execution

Once we have analysed your business and developed your strategy, it is the implementation of these tax strategies which follows. For example, there is a change in commercial distribution or systemisation. Also, once the commercial flow starts, we will inform you about the form of the invoice and the required documents. We will support your global business from the perspective of international indirect tax.

Preparation of opinion on international indirect tax

In global business, various taxes from foreign countries are involved regardless of direct and indirect taxes. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to understand the tax rate on cross-border transactions that differ from country to country and across national borders properly. We have responded to various cases concerning taxation around indirect tax around the world, including Europe and the United States. By creating an opinion letter to your company, we will assist you with transactions based on compliance.

Taxation on digital goods

Currently, there are many companies that make sales worldwide with applications on smartphones and the cloud. In the case of raising sales worldwide, appropriate tax returns may be required for each country. We also support taxation on these digital goods.


Case 1 - Application selling case

We sell video animations and comics as electronic services to domestic and overseas companies. In doing so, we consulted Opti, a specialised international indirect tax farm, to strategically plan a price strategy including tax for each market place. In addition to sites such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc., we also sell these contents on our own site, and there are more than 100 countries that sell these contents, and we would like to cover all patterns for explanation to investors It was. Opti who was able to introduce various knowledge concerning these data sales and be able to design its price determination with understanding of tax. When selling electronic contents such as applications, movies, comics, databases etc. globally, I think that I was able to respond after understanding overseas tax correspondence.

(Client D company: EC sales business)

Case 2 - Trading company case

We purchase machinery equipment from Italian companies, purchase accessory equipment from Spanish companies and Chinese companies, and we are assembling it with an assembly manufacturer located in Germany. The assembled machine will be delivered to a local factory in the Netherlands of a Japanese client company. At this time, I did not know what type of taxation correspondence should be taken. Using Opti's tax planning service, I was able to understand these taxable relationships. In future, I believe that we can implement more strategic supplier sourcing using these knowledge.

(Client E Company: Trading Company)


Customer's voice of our tax planning service


Speaking of VAT, it was only thought of "VAT refund", but I decided to use Opti's tax planning service in order to understand the taxation relation properly when the European business in company starts. We also use various consulting companies, but we got a lot of explanations that could not explain any other consulting company, but only a specialised farm. Especially, it was saved by practicing that I taught various examples based on experience. Major manufacturing industry

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