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Being able to trust as the tax partner

Tsugu Tsugu Inc.



Tsugu Tsugu Inc.

Yuki Matano, CEO



Q. Please tell us about your company's business, especially your business overseas.

I first encountered “Kintsugi” when a Canadian teacher taught me about it while I was working toward the MBA at a Canadian university. Although I am Japanese, I had never heard of the traditional Japanese technique of “Kintsugi”, and as I researched it, I became more and more fascinated by it. I attended a “Kintsugi” class and learned the technique in eight months, which was said to take three years. After that, I established my own company in March 2020, hoping to spread the beauty of “Kintsugi” to the world.

Currently, We are developing our business by selling “Kintsugi” kits, repairing pottery, and offering “Kintsugi” classes. Pottery repair can take several months to six months depending on the degree of damage, and we carefully repair each piece of pottery before returning it to the customer. Our “Kintsugi” kits are very popular among overseas customers, and we sell them all over the world through our website, Etsy, and eBay.



Q. How did you choose OPTI?

When we changed our logistics company, we found out that new rules were being introduced in the EU. We consulted with our certified tax accountant, but he said he didn't know anything about it, which made us very impatient. Many of our customers purchase our products as gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, and we definitely wanted to avoid delays in delivery. Then, We found OPTI on the Internet. Not only did the management team seem reliable, but they also responded with speed. In addition, before we signed the contract, they explained the taxation system and before we started the IOSS registration, they held a kick-off meeting with us via the Zoom. Those meetings helped us to resolve any questions or concerns we had.

Q. Please tell us your aspirations for your future business and anything you would like to say to us.

In the future, we would like to further increase the recognition of Kintsugi not only in Japan but also in the world, so that we can expand our market all over the world. Specifically, we are aiming to expand outside the UK and Europe.

We hope that OPTI will support us in terms of taxation as we expand our business to new regions and countries overseas.


OPTI will help your JCT and VAT registration and compliances.