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Mr. Matsuki, Mr. Matsui




Q. Please tell us about your company's business, especially your business overseas.

 We are developing our business by targeting the automotive aftermarket. We mainly sell automotive products to auto accessory stores and home centers, and our main products are cup holders and other products that are installed inside the car. We have two main product lines: "AZUTO", which is designed for specific high-end cars, and "EXEA", which is a highly versatile product line that can be installed in many cars.

 Online, we sell our products on Amazon and other sites in Japan, and AZUTO products are also sold on our own website. For the overseas market, we started selling our products on Amazon five years ago. We started selling our products on Amazon five years ago, first in the U.S. market, and then expanded to the U.K. and Germany a few years ago.



Q. How did you choose OPTI?

 We decided to expand our business into the European region, and in the course of our research, we learned that taxation in Europe is very complicated. It seemed that we had to register and declare VAT in each country. After that, I found OPTI through an article by JETRO. Since it was my first time to enter Europe and I didn't know anything about taxation, I focused on whether they could help me with taxation when I had a problem or when things went wrong. In this situation, I felt comfortable with OPTI and decided to ask them for help. We also found it very helpful to be able to ask for VAT registration and filing for various countries at once, as I first asked for VAT registration for Germany and the UK.



Q. Please tell us your aspirations for your future business and anything you would like to say to us.

 Currently, we are using Amazon for cross-border e-commerce sales in Europe, which is very helpful because we can ship anywhere within the EU using Amazon FBA. In the future, we would like to increase our fan base overseas and sell our products on our own website. In that case, we would like to ask OPTI to provide tax support for other countries as well.




OPTI will help your JCT and VAT registration and compliances.