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Being Able to Communicate Using English

Perixx Computer GmbH.



Perixx Computer GmbH.

Pamela Chuang



Q. Please tell us about your company's business.


Our company, based in Germany and founded in 2006, provides computer peripherals, specializing in keyboard, mouse, input and output devices. We have a wide range of products, ranging from industrial and professional application to professional and special usage in order to respond to the growing and diversifying needs of our customers. 

We sell our products in Europe through Amazon in countries such as the U.K., France, and Spain. In addition, we sell our products in Japan through Amazon and Yahoo.

Q. Why did you choose our company?

We were looking for a Japanese tax advisory that could help us with tax registration in Japan, and we chose OPTI after searching on Google. 

Previously, we had a Japanese tax advisor for our company, and since I am in charge of accounting in this company, I was mainly corresponding with the advisor. However, I had trouble with communication because the advisor couldn’t speak English, and I often needed my Japanese co-worker’s help. 

Through that experience, we recognized the importance of being able to communicate with advisories using English. Most Japanese advisories didn’t speak English, and other English-speaking Japanese advisories we found presented very complicated offers. We chose OPTI because we could communicate with you in English, your offer was very straightforward, and you replied to our requests very clearly.

Q. Did you have any difficulties after you found us and worked with us? Do you have any feedback to us after using our services?

We didn’t face any issues because OPTI was a professional in tax. OPTI explained to us how much tax we needed to pay and what kind of data we needed to provide. The signing process was clear, and the emails OPTI sent to us were also very detailed and concise. Everything went very smoothly, and there were no surprises. We’re glad we asked OPTI to help us.



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