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Putting Emphasis on Compliance

Iyo Nassen Co Ltd.



Iyo Nassen Co Ltd.

Mr. Hidejiro Abe, President and Representative Director



Q. Please tell us about your company's business.


Since our company’s establishment in 1963, we have been operating a towel printing business in Imabari City, which is the largest towel production area in Japan, known for its Imabari Towel. We handle a large number of order-made towels for artists' live concerts, sports events, and local events. We have established a comprehensive production system, and we are in charge of both designing and manufacturing our products.

For more than half a century, we have responded to the diversifying needs of our customers while sticking to domestic production by actively introducing the latest production equipment and technology. We are responding flexibly to small lot orders, delivering fast, and specializing in high value-added printing services.

Regarding overseas business development, we have been involved in shipbuilding-related business, which is flourishing in Imabari City. We have also recently started producing aircraft parts through our business with trading companies.

Q. How did you choose OPTI?

We were introduced to you by a trading company that we were working with. We were lost at first because we had no knowledge about taxes overseas, but the trading company told us that we should take compliance seriously, so we wanted to work with a company that would handle our taxes properly - we didn't want to be suspected of money laundering or anything like that.

However, it is true that at first we did not understand why a Japanese company would do VAT registrations and VAT returns when its company's office was not located overseas. On the other hand, we certainly didn't want to get into trouble with the local tax authorities. We understood the system and its importance after we listened to OPTI with our tax accountant. Japanese tax accountants are not always familiar with overseas taxes, and we were grateful to have found a Japanese company that specialized in European VAT.


Q. What are your ambitions for the future?

We are supported by many customers and employees, so we will continue to expand our towel printing business in Japan by taking advantage of its niche characteristics. At the same time, we plan to expand our aircraft overseas business, rather than shipbuilding, which is easily affected by the state of the economy. Also, as I have reached my 60th birthday this year, I consider it my mission to pass my job to the next generation so that eventually, my nephew can take over the business.



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