Sales assistance and representative services


Partner search and channel development

Japanese distribution channels are known to be difficult to navigate. Multiple layers inflate prices and create unnecessary costs, without delivering the expected outcomes in terms of sales. Because Japanese business relations are based on mutual understand and trust, appropriate partners are difficult to find in the first place without professional assistance. For this reason, many companies struggle to get their product out there, underperform, or exit Japan altogether.

At OPTI, we understand the difficulties inbound companies face when navigating a new business environment. The potential value of successful partnerships is similarly apparent to us. Using our extensive network, we will identify distributors and/or partners for your business, taking all the necessary steps to increase your chances of a working relationship and channel coverage in Japan.    

The first stage is identifying partners who align with your business goals and strategy. Next, we will conduct a pre-screening process and narrow down our selection to the most qualified candidates. The next step is arranging meetings between you and prospective associates and using our cross-cultural understanding to outline the value of your product, your intentions, and give them the chance to state their own. Once a meeting has been arranged, we give you a detailed briefing on Japanese business culture, providing translation/interpretation services where necessary, and stay with you until a deal is finalised.

Representative services

If you have not yet formed a permanent establishment in Japan and find your channels underperforming, or simply need bilingual, extensive support for your team, our representatives can bring the support needed to make your business function smoothly in light of any difficulties.

Our sales representatives can carry out marketing and sales on behalf of your company, building relationships with potential customers and promoting your product or service in a way that resonates with a foreign audience, while keeping the core values of your brand intact. The aim is to get your business the greatest publicity, even in a market as saturated and competitive as Japan. With rapid changes taking place in most industries, our representatives keep updated and finetune their approach in line with circumstances, to make sure our client’s business always stays ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, given the exclusivity and opaqueness of many business networks and hierarchies in Japan, managing relationships on your own may not always be a viable option. Our representatives can, therefore, coordinate distribution on your behalf, deal with any issues and report on their performance to quantify the improvements made.
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