Market entry consulting and strategy development



A one-size-fits-all approach to entering the Japanese market does not exist. The options available can be quite overwhelming, and mistakes result in costly setbacks. Before making the decision to enter Japan, a detailed market entry business plan must be devised to keep you grounded at each stage in the process. At OPTI, we are passionate about giving businesses an elaborate roadmap, from selling to your first customer to becoming an established player in the marketplace.



  • Specialised knowledge. Our in-depth understanding of how business works in Japan will give your plan its necessary rigour.
  • Cultural awareness. We identify any cultural/linguistic barriers you may face and identify actionable solutions.
  • Customised strategy. We tailor our advice to the individual requirements of each business we work with.
  • Competitive pricing. For our competitive fees, you can rely on expert guidance and avoid wasting your resources.
  • Flexibility. Aware of changes in the market and the client’s circumstances, we keep our avice flexible and in accord with reality.

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How we can help

Based on the outcome of research covering everything from the market potential of your products or services to the behaviour of your target customer, we will design a business plan to put you on a strong footing. Your tailored business plan will detail each stage in the market entry process, including the costs involved, objectives and potential risks.

How best to enter the Japanese market depends on the nature and aims of the business in question. We always take this into account and guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each option available. Significantly, as a mixture of novelty and tradition must be embraced to succeed in this market, our business plans suggest how you can enhance your products in accordance with the preferences of Japanese customers. And as any attainable goal is measurable, we will predict your company’s growth for the upcoming years.

The next stage is implementation of the business plan. Based on your decision, we will guide you through the logistics of entering the market, providing practical support and advice based on your needs. Business success is hard to come by without flexibility, especially during pivotal moments, such as breaking into your market. You can therefore expect ongoing support and advice from us until your business is growing in accordance with ambitious, yet realistic targets.

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