Market entry research

  • The Japanese business climate, while offering plentiful opportunities for both SMEs and large, multinational enterprises, is burdened by difficulties ranging from complex legal frameworks to a notorious business culture. The risks entailed in setting up a presence deters many foreign companies from making an investment in the first place.

    Despite its obvious and more discreet problems, Japan remains the world’s third largest economy, with a sophisticated consumer base and increasingly outward-looking government initiatives. In light of recent economic revival, there is plenty of optimism in a wide range of industries. When successful, businesses can dramatically increase sales and, given the way in which market entry creates a learning opportunity, enhance their business model in its entirety.

    However, one cannot assume that existing strategies leading to success elsewhere will translate to success in Japan: before making any decisions, you must understand the market and your product’s potential within it.

How we can help

We will remove the burden of having to do everything by yourself. Crucially, we estimate your product or service’s chances of success in Japan, delivering honest and thorough feedback at each stage in the process. The first step, therefore, is to evaluate not only the size and shape, but also the prospects of your target market in light of macroeconomic developments. Different scenarios must be taken into account to illustrate the risks, as well as the opportunities faced by your business.


Then, by assessing a broad range of trustworthy data, reviewing existing research and interviewing key industry players and potential customers, we will gather market insights for your business from which a strategy can later be built. Depending on the specific nature of your business, our team can help you:


  • Determine whether you are ready to enter Japan
  • Analyze the size and health of your target market
  • Identify potential customers
  • Measure purchasing patterns and consumer behaviour
  • Identify key distribution channels and partners
  • Pinpoint cultural differences and how they can be overcome
  • Evaluate the traits and strategy of existing competition
  • Recognise important laws and regulations


Japan’s consumer landscape is ever-changing and full of nuances. Products and services must be tailored to the unique behaviour and preferences of Japanese consumers, which they don’t always share with their western counterparts. The quality of pre-entry research often distinguishes companies who fail in Japan from those who succeed - our assimilation of well-rounded insights on your behalf will ensure your business falls into the latter category.

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Trade mission support


Trade missions allow companies to pinpoint crucial opportunities, meet potential associates and acquire first-hand experience in the business culture of a new market. From seminars to dinners and networking events, we design a trade mission that conforms to your objectives in Japan, supplying unmissable opportunities to meet partners in a wide range of industries and secure connections that could stay with you for life. We will take care of the logistics, such as accommodation, flights and transport, while you concentrate on fulfilling your central objectives. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us.