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Japan is the country which consist of countless trading transactions with foreign companies.

Today in Japan, dealing with foreign companies is becoming a common thing even for small companies. With other overseas online sales to overseas, in the form of various trading example of building a network of overseas cases to outsource to foreign companies the manufacturing sector, as car manufacturers, or method of JO · JV used in the construction of infrastructure facilities I have done the deal. That future, this trend will never be able to accelerate and decelerate what.

Delayed free trade agreement that does not advance the historical trends and the strong yen, high corporate tax rate, slowly, such as various types of labor regulations, investment climate in Japan is also known as the eight whammy whammy with six. For this reason, companies are turning to foreign countries seeking better investment environment has been increasing rapidly. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, this trend has seen remarkable. And, along with it, for overseas investment manufacturing sector was the center, until now he has started to expand overseas and now also actively investing abroad services. Against this backdrop, we have been in our consulting and implementation in terms of surface-tax investigation, concerning the sale of overseas database.

I think in this day and age where, as it was followed the successful experience of the past, a time when you can earn as you normally would and I have already passed.
The business activities of the future, whether to respond to globalization are forcing even respond.
Armed with expertise and your confidence has gotten a number of experience, but also from a number of listed companies and national institutions, We will support the international expansion of the company.
The mission is to provide consulting services to comply with the basic principles of neutrality, impartiality, and expertise, and the first to resolve issues of corporate clients, we are in the field and a variety of research, legal affairs, tax We are the goal of implementing the consulting expertise and develop a belief of their own members, to grow. Much for your support and patronage of everyone, thank you humbly in the future.

1st January 2013

Akatsuki Fuchigami / CEO



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